Aizawa ultimately fits Close and you may reveals much more information about your Passing Mention

Aizawa ultimately fits Close and you may reveals much more information about your Passing Mention

Mello draws Kanzo Mogi of one’s Japanese Activity Force to The new York and to your give of Near plus the SPK. Believing that Near and you may Mello happen to be inside the group with each other, Mogi does not want to chat, but Near and you will Mello’s subsequent dialogue over the telephone and other occurrences head Mogi and you will Aizawa so you can are convinced that White Yagami get end up being Introvert Sites dating app Kira at all, no matter if it forget, because it is considering assuming Mello, a pledged challenger, with his states regarding the bogus regulations. Near gets Lidner to pass through this info on to Mello, except for the point that he’s today recognized White Yagami because the fresh L together with primary suspect to own Kira. Mello has now come entered because of the Matt, various other boy of Wammy’s Home. They follow Aizawa and you can Mogi returning to Los angeles and that leads these to spying toward Misa Amane as well as the Task Force Head office. Based on the recommendations passed on by the Lidner, Mello presumptions one Misa is the Second Kira, even in the event she effects him once the therefore feather-brained that it’s hard to believe Kira ever before willingly working the lady. Yet not, the guy as well as finishes to own himself you to her date, White Yagami, is L.

Misa plus the Task Force come back to Japan in which the cops detectives plan to look at the Kiyomi Takada, a television presenter that has been made Kira’s the fresh representative. Mello and Matt go after her or him and you may consistently song Misa and Mogi. Mello got to begin with wanted to make Death Note regarding Misa but determines not to ever, concluding one to this woman is perhaps not another Kira any further.

(At this point throughout the manga, Mello and you will Matt’s actions is unknown. The following eleven chapters, that cover a period of nearly a few months, focus on Light Yagami’s conferences that have Takada in addition to SPK’s analysis from Teru Mikami, who has been entrusted that have a demise Notice and you can continues on the latest killings under Light’s faraway supervision.)

Mello kidnaps Kiyomi Takada by having Matt assault Takada’s motorcade with a fuel grenade

Lidner says to Mello from Near’s intend to establish and you can get Kira. Time is important, and there are merely a few days to visit till the package was used. Mello pushes up on a motorcycle and will be offering when deciding to take Takada in order to cover. Regarding frustration, in accordance with support out of Lidner, Takada believes, perhaps not realizing it is actually Mello until it is too-late to help you leave. After an excellent pursue, Mello might possibly avoid Takada’s shields and you may hair the lady in the a distribution truck. If you are riding their to some other location, Mello sees to your his cellular phone television you to definitely Matt was cornered by Takada’s guards and you may killed within the a hail out-of gunfire – some thing he’d maybe not requested and you may regrets.

Mello forces Takada so you’re able to remove for rid of any recording equipment; but not, the guy lets the girl to cover herself with a great blanket. This proves as their undoing, since the she has an article of Mikami’s Passing Notice hidden for the the lady gowns and also the blanket lets her to cover up it. Since she knows Mello’s real identity regarding White, Takada spends new invisible little bit of the newest Death Notice to help you destroy him.

Influence immediately following dying

Upon hearing of Takada’s kidnapping, Teru Mikami requires his Demise Note off a financial put field and you can spends it and also make her destroy herself from the form fire with the vehicle and destroying all evidence – clueless you to White himself has used some new Dying Note attain her to do the same an individual minute just before Mikami set they.

Which step on the Mikami’s part, instigated by the Mello’s strategies, needs him to go to the financial institution the afternoon shortly after the guy was already here, which is a rapid infraction of his constantly careful habits. Which notification Near’s representative, Gevanni, to your location of the real Demise Note on bank and you will makes it possible for seize they, reduce Light Yagami, and you may introduce him due to the fact Kira.

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