Also Group Kurenai, Sai and the rest of Team Kakashi attempt to see and you may just take Itachi Uchiha

Also Group Kurenai, Sai and the rest of Team Kakashi attempt to see and you may just take Itachi Uchiha

When Kakashi summoned his ninken to assist them with the goal, Sai are partnered with Uhei and you will Urushi and questioned so you can themselves no matter if he may be members of the family having dogs.

Fated Battle Ranging from Brothers

Chief blog post: Fated Race Anywhere between Brothers The guy and the most other people in new Eight Kid Group have been after exposed to Tobi, which stalled them for a lengthy period to stop him or her away from discovering none Sasuke neither Itachi.

Six-Tails Unleashed

Fundamental article: Six-Tails Unleashed In the anime, Sai as well as the rest of Group Kakashi is assigned a purpose within Tsuchigumo Clan. After they achieved their destination they discovered the spot a destroy and you will a damage Tonbee. Sakura healed him if in case he regained their power, the guy informed her or him you to definitely several ninja attacked, seeking the Tsuchigumo clan’s kinjutsu, hence their grandchild, Hotaru, escaped through a secret passing with it. Sai, Naruto and Yamato kept discover the girl, leaving Sakura to provide for Tonbee. When he, Yamato and you may Naruto ced Utakata close the woman. Naruto attacked your beneath the perception he had been an enemy in order to which it was made clear he was merely escorting the lady until Konoha turned up. Utakata then remaining Hotaru in their hand, not, she try would not it and you can Sai cheated this lady towards the letting them companion the girl to the Tsuchigumo Town. If category hit the new community they remaining the lady towards remainder of the lady clan. They returned after they believed brand new villagers ideas on Hotaru skeptical, and found she is actually gone.

Later on, Sai and you can Naruto struggled a number of Kiri-Anbu as they was indeed assaulting Utakata that has Hotaru that have your. The leader of Kiri-nin took Yamato aside to talk about the fresh new things of Utakata. Just after things is set to some extent, this new communities departed. Sai therefore the other people in the future discover one Hotaru had good scroll one stored the girl clan’s kinjutsu stuck in her own right back, much to the Konoha-nin’s surprise.

A little while immediately after, Party Kakashi and you may Utakata lead on Tsuchigumo Community again after Hotaru was actually kidnapped. If you’re here, Sai, Yamato and Sakura fought new Tsuchigumo clan villagers have been not as much as Shiranami’s control therefore the Magaki Group if you are Naruto and you will Utakata ran see Hotaru. They departed just after Shiranami is outdone with his bundle failed.

Pain’s Assault

Fundamental post: Pain’s Assault When Naruto entered the fresh new Hokage’s work environment, he was seen that have Sakura, this hookup app new toads, Shizune and Hokage given that Naruto read regarding his master’s demise. Through the Pain’s assault into Konoha, Sai is away having Yamato and you can Anko Mitarashi, searching for Kabuto Yakushi. The guy put a different sort of record method which could never be observed by the Kabuto. Anko actually congratulated your for the. They prevented the brand new browse immediately after an astonished Yamato had advised the group one Naruto got hit new half dozen-tailed kind of new 9-Tails.

Four Kage Discussion

Following the intrusion, Danzo is done Hokage. He summoned Sai just before him and you may educated your to save an vision on the Naruto. Sai expected as to why, so Danzo told me one to Naruto, having defeated Pain, are now the village’s hero meaning that much more popular than Danzo himself. Although not, he had been still the fresh new village’s jinchuriki and therefore have to be remaining in check. Sai is pleased with their factor and you will went along to speak to Naruto and you can Sakura. The two instantaneously experienced your about Danzo, asking him to inform them everything you he realized. Sai asserted that he could perhaps not, since cursed secure Danzo had put on their language avoided him from discussing things about Sources. Sakura remarked it had been vicious, but Sai told me it absolutely was to discover the best because the Root had done a good amount of suspicious what you should protect the latest village. Sakura rejected his claim, citing you to Danzo had bought Sasuke be murdered given that an excellent traitor. Sai is surprised since Danzo hadn’t advised him you to through the their fulfilling. These were instantaneously exposed to Kumogakure ninja exactly who, after its temporary skirmish, consult to understand what it knew regarding Sasuke. Naruto, since this upset Sakura, volunteered to inform every one of them that he knew. Sai privately watched new fulfilling and just how Naruto couldn’t offer themselves to sell out Sasuke.

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