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Nuns Went Crappy: A good Lurid Facts out-of an excellent Lesbian Nun Sex Gang

Nuns Went Crappy: A good Lurid Facts out-of an excellent Lesbian Nun Sex Gang

It had been a keen accusation a great deal more lurid than just about any common anti-clerical satire, packed with intimate transgressions, heretical strategies and you may homicidal strategies

In the summertime of 1859, an eager nun regarding Roman convent out-of Sant’Ambrogio sent an effective letter to the lady kinsman, an effective bishop from the Vatican. She pleaded having your so you can cut the woman, claiming one to she is the prospective of a lot poisonings and you may was a student in mortal hazard. When their cousin the new bishop answered this lady name and visited Sant’Ambrogio, he guaranteed to help save her and very quickly lead thereon promise. Out of his estate during the Tivoli, the latest relieved however, traumatized Katharina von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen started initially to write a beneficial denunciation off her you to-date sisters back to Rome. Furthermore, the actual situation up against the convent from Sant’Ambrogio had tendrils you to definitely climbed around the highest is located at of the Church and entwined around the nice Catholic controversies of the day.

Hubert Wolf’s “New Nuns regarding Sant’Ambrogio” also provides a learned but really fascinating account of the event – little known given that Vatican leftover all the uncomfortable details in-house, a policy it would utilize when addressing sexual-abuse scandals a century later.

Indeed, the newest Sant’Ambrogio circumstances are itself an intercourse-abuse scandal, even though one to element, although not sensational, was not fundamentally the newest Church’s no. 1 question

Katharina, good Hohenzollern little princess, belonged to 1 of the great royal Germanic dynasties, including new Hapsburgs. (The lady granddaughter are the brand new king from A holiday in greece.) Twice widowed and you will sickly, she registered the fresh convent inside her later 30s, trying to good “an area away from cloistered peace and you may holy acquisition” in which to live on an excellent contemplative lives, even in the event she also nurtured the fresh think of starting your order away from her own.

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