We have to be folks of peace, away from pledge, forgiveness and you can love

We have to be folks of peace, away from pledge, forgiveness and you can love

Of the range within our nation, we can’t reputation any selection of anyone and be in line with brand new foundational beliefs of our You. S. Constitution. Donald – WV

Maintaining versatility as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Johnson, and Obama [among others] have demostrated united states try a continuous, lifelong task you to definitely transcends years. Reminding our selves of this almost sacred union is essential. Donald – MO

Who will fix sanity and you will ethics to your property?

You will find killed countless minutes circulate individuals within unjust wards up against afghanistan and you can iraq, than have been damage here in 9/eleven. Why are the brand new wide variety never reported towards the fox reports or even pbs? That’s not a way to bolster all of our true safeguards, once we only carry out a whole lot more years regarding terrorists who hate united states. Donald – Ca

As soon as we occupied Iraq, come using outrageous rendition, giving «opponent combatants» to help you Gitmo, and you can deteriorating our freedoms, I was ashamed to-be a western. We need to undo the latest wrongs that were the full time! Donald – Ca

The usa ‘s the home of your own totally free. Men and women have ended for those municipal legal rights which they removing. We must stand up and you can cam away. Donna – MO

I am alot more afraid of the response to 9/11, actually 10 years later, than I am of some other you are able to assault.

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