He was born in Seattle and you may attended Ridgeway Junior High school

He was born in Seattle and you may attended Ridgeway Junior High school

Spencer Shay try Carly’s strange, peculiar, however, compassionate and faithful elderly sibling together with guy of Colonel Steven Shay and Mrs. Shay. Because their dad is in the armed forces, Spencer is Carly’s court guardian. He stayed together with young cousin cousin from inside the Apartment 8-C on Bushwell Nearby mall when you find yourself their dad was stationed into good Navy submarine. The latest whereabouts from his mommy try unfamiliar.

Spencer attended Seattle Laws University for a few days however, prevent so you’re able to feel a musician. In the event the guy stop legislation university shortly after simply for seventy-two hours, the guy nonetheless and contains some court studies. [24] [25] The guy actually kept a book the guy had regarding legislation university. When he decrease away, the guy produced a deal with their parent that if he didn’t get one from their sculptures toward an art gallery contained in this three years, he would come back to rules college or university. [26] However, the guy didn’t explain to his dad that he got decrease out. [27] During a web show whenever Spencer talks to their dad more the device, he says to him you to definitely legislation college goes great. [28] He did not reveal the case up until iGoodbye.


Spencer is actually Carly’s caring more mature sibling. They are peculiar and you may aloof, but enjoys times where he’s in charge and you will brilliant, particularly when considering taking good care of Carly. He could be maybe not conned effortlessly, as found into the periods iLook Similar, iDate a bad Child, and you can iGet Pranky. He immediately after said themselves, «I may become an enthusiastic idiot, however, I am not saying dumb». He’s referred to as unpredictable, strange, often gullible and easily sidetracked, due to his quick focus period. Considering his dated girlfriend, Veronica, they have a beneficial «imaginative, enjoyable soul.» Spencer is form and you will friendly to the the. They are apparently viewed building strange sculptures into the let you know and much of his really works try exhibited about flat.

One of his statues stuck flames and folks believe it actually was an effective declaration which had been a coronary attack regarding genius

Spencer is actually compassionate and protective regarding their little cousin. For example, the guy shows a strict and mature top for the iLook The same and you can iDate a bad Son, in which the guy grounded Carly twice. He’s kept Carly’s symptoms of asthma inhaler even in the event she had not put they due to the fact she are seven (iWanna Stick with Spencer). Inside the iLook Exactly the same, Spencer wouldn’t let Carly sit-in the new MMA challenge, as the the guy said he or she is seen people battles score really harsh and you can that it’s perhaps not a place for children. The guy plus said Carly was rooted for a fortnight because she snuck over to understand the fight.

Spencer and additionally seem to discovers himself when you look at the gluey products you to definitely act as an effective subplot to the event. These subplots tend to be their nemesis, the brand new infamous Chuck Chambers.

Spencer is quite a ladies man, with old over 10 females. A number of his relationships was a whole lot more eccentric than simply he is, such as for example Connie new juggler, Lauren Ackerman, Carly’s former teacher with plenty of psychological troubles, and you can Stephanie, and you may a lady who considered that she had an animal unicorn exactly who you’ll speak. Spencer typically has no trouble getting ladies so far him (even in the event considering Carly for the iDo, he could be never ever had a steady wife), in the event during the iWin a night out together, he decides to is a dating website titled Then Time Me?.

Several other recurring gag would be the fact of numerous objects Spencer meets otherwise repairs in an instant blasts into flames, the initial being the poultry stir fry the guy built in iWanna Stay with Spencer, which have additional humor since the the object one does very is always created from a material which is non-combustible inside the real-world, such a desk bell or the cymbal into the an instrument. Within the iOMG, it is revealed that their flame issue is so very bad, Spencer caused a fire extinguisher so you can expel flame. From inside the iDo and you will iGot an attractive Space, an item of attire unexpectedly drops of Spencer as he are from inside the amaze (their bend wrap along with his jeans correspondingly).

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