Indian Wedding Dresses: 27 Unusual Looks & Faqs

After two years of happy family life, I can say that was the best decision. Seriously, I would have hardly found such a beautiful, caring, loving, and modest person in any other place. Speaking for her traditional family—I don’t know how and why, but they accepted me like their own son, so maybe not all the stereotypes about the conservative communities are true. Brides are expected to wear their engagement rings to the wedding, and they may choose to wear additional ones with colorful stones that match their outfits. Indian brides seem to absolutely shine thanks to the gorgeous jewelry that adorns them from head to toe. The following list captures the most essential pieces that no Indian bride would be without on her wedding day.

The bridal dupatta is one thing we really like to educate our clients about before the wedding day. When you are shopping for your Indian wedding lengha, pay extra attention to the dupatta. This red and pink bridal lehenga flaunts floral embroidery using shades of gold and pink! The skirt flaunts horizontal bands of jaali zari embroidery that makes up a beautiful change from the elaborate floral work. Apandit, is a Hindu priest who will preside over the ceremony and consult astrology to determine the most auspicious date and time for that ceremony to take place. This becomes especially taxing if a South Asian couple chooses to marry stateside. «In America, you only try for weekend weddings, but it’s not like you just pick a Saturday and make sure the Plaza is available,» says Shah.

  • Statistics is the basis for understanding any phenomenon, and the phenomenon of Indian brides is not an exception.
  • Recommendations, simple diet tweaks a bride can make to vitalize her skin and much more.
  • Many traditions have to do with fashion, and that’s no exception for these sorts of events.
  • The choora is believed to bring prosperity and fertility to the married couple.
  • The choli has all over boota motifs in gold and the skirt flaunts elaborate temple motifs.

The beauty of elegant Indian wedding dresses cannot be understated. From the traditional to the latest Indian bridal gowns , there is something uniquely gorgeous about each and every one. Find Indian bridal dresses made from fabrics of silk or chiffon, adorned in accents of gold or red and an abundance of elaborate embroidery. Gold is one major color that stands out at most Indian weddings and adorned by most every bride. Mundavalya, a string of flowers or pearls, is the first thing one will notice that distinguishes a Maharashtrian bride from the other Indian brides. Her bridal outfit is a two-tone, silk saree with a golden border, known as Paithani, and her hair is tied in a bun adorned with mogra flowers. As per Assamese wedding customs, the bride has to wear the mekhla chadar, a traditional bridal outfit, given to her by the groom’s mother.

This Indian bride in the US is celebrating continue reading her wedding on a beach-side destination! The tones of her wedding ensemble are unconventional and echo the moods and colors of the sands.

Indian Brides in US – Setting Wedding Wear Goals

The soft material will settle down as soon as you sit down for your wedding pooja and phera. Same goes for Sikh weddings since there is a lot of sitting involved. It usually comes in white and can be dyed to match the color of your lengha. When you are sitting on your wedding day, if your ghera is less than 4 meters, then it would not make a full circle around you.

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Women Pink Embellished Hair Accessories, Bharatanatyam / kuchipudi dance / weddings/ events/ bride / hair accessories. Plan a meeting in real life, preferably in her home country, to see if your romance is meant to be.

Many Indian brides wear red to their weddings as red is symbolic in India as the color of passion, prosperity and new beginnings, says wedding website Another important item, earrings are often chosen to complement the bride’s necklace and hairstyle. Intricate patterns are considered en vogue, as are heavier designs. Earrings are considered “required attire,” however, so a bride must give some thought to comfort when selecting them, as she will wear them throughout the entire ceremony. The word ‘Jhumki’ refers to the traditional bell-shaped earring design of India.


The images also will show the ghera when you are doing a twirl or when the bride is walking down the aisle. Answer to it really depends on multiple factors like hip size and height. If you want the grand effect, then you should have 6 meters or more ideally. Now, sometimes pre-made lengha will only have 3 or 4 meters of the ghera which should have 8 to 10 panels or kaliyan. Those of you who come from non–South Asian backgrounds may be wondering what to expect at an Indian wedding. Even if you’ve attended a ceremony in the past, consider that with upward of 30 distinct cultures within the continent, no two Indian weddings will be exactly the same.

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