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In theLast Namefield, choose a name one keystroke different from theVendor name (such as John J. Doe, if theVendor name was John Doe, for example). In the Full Name field, choose a name one keystroke different from theCustomer name (such as John J. Doe if theCustomer name was John Doe, for example). In the Full Name field, choose a name one keystroke different from the Vendor name (such as John J. Doe if theVendor name was John Doe, for example). If you withheld taxes and shouldn’t have, you may need to refund this person and talk to any agencies you made payments to for a refund. In the Full Name field, choose a name one keystroke different from theEmployee name (such as John J. Doe if the Employee name was John Doe, for example). We can also be reached via email at for non-urgent matters.

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Choose E-mail, Mail, or None to identify the method that your customer prefers for receiving information. If you choose E-mail, QuickBooks automatically turns on the E-mail checkbox when you create forms for this customer. The Mail method represents QuickBooks Billing Solutions , an add-on QuickBooks service for mailing invoices . Choose None if you typically print documents and mail them the old-fashioned way. If you leave this field blank in a customer’s record, you have to choose the payment terms every time you create an invoice for that customer. Real-world customers are essential to your success, but do you need customers in your QuickBooks company file?

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After you finish filling in the boxes, click “Save and New” to add another contact or “Save and Close” to close the window. Large accounting programs often assign unique account numbers to customers, which reduces the time it takes to locate a customer’s record. In QuickBooks, the Customer Name field works like an identifier, so you’re best off reserving the Account No. field for an account number generated by one of your other business systems.

Although Terms can specify the discount to be given in the event of early payment of invoices, QuickBooks Online doesn’t automatically compute discounts when a payment is received. Discounts already given for early payments are converted as credit memos and applied to the customer’s outstanding balance. Discounts taken from suppliers for early payment of bills are converted as supplier credits and applied to the supplier’s outstanding balance. Once you click that button HouseCall Pro will start the process of reprocessing the error. You may be prompted to provide HouseCall Pro with additional information depending on the type of error you are reprocessing, but this will typically be asking fairly simple questions. Once you have clicked the reprocess button, and dealt with any popups, the error will disappear from your QuickBooks Sync center.


If your monthly bookkeeping sense is eccentric, you can delete QuickBooks’ suggestions and replace them with your own entries. Business owners often like to look at the performance of different segments of their businesses. Say your building-supply company has expanded over the years to include sales to homeowners, and you want to know how much you sell to homeowners versus professional contractors.

What Are The Various Types Of Lists In QuickBooks?

On rare occasions it is necessary to send out a strictly service related announcement. For instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance we might send users an email. Generally, users may not opt-out of these communications, though they can deactivate their account information. However, these communications are not promotional in nature.


In the New Vendor drop-down list, in the upper-left corner of the Vendor Center, select New Vendor. Once the skeleton Desktop company is populated with these lists, convert that company to QBO. The reason we suggest using Excel for the four main lists is that they are the ones most likely to require cleanup, and that is relatively easy to do in Excel prior to importing. Remember that if you import any quantities on hand, the value of those quantities will be posted to the inventory asset account and Opening Balance Equity. Open the spreadsheet and clean it up, as needed, to edit or get rid of old items. Open the spreadsheet and clean it up, as needed, to edit or get rid of old accounts.

Please note that other Pearson websites and online products and services have their own separate privacy policies. If you are using certain versions of QuickBooks Premier, Accountant, or any version of Enterprise, you have the option to select a Billing Rate Level for your vendor. Billing rates enable you to assign an hourly rate to billable time you will later add to a customer invoice. Select the appropriate payment terms, such as net 30 days, your vendor has assigned to your account.

Customers are people that pay you or your company for goods or services that you’ve provided. You would be using a Regular check for the employee name for distributions, so this is not Payroll activity. The IRS has a tendency to consider this as “Distribution in lieu of Payroll to avoid Payroll taxes.” So, one name is fine, but different transaction Types, and not as frequently as payroll. Some QuickBooks customers enter names of persons they need to write a check to . Perhaps you’re writing a donation to the local Scout Troop or the neighborhood Elementary School.

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You can, however, make the supplier so you won’t see it in the Vendor Center. Copy the data from your Excel vendor file to the QuickBooks template. Your Excel data is on the right, and the QuickBooks template is on the left. Hovering over a cell displays instructions on which type of data you should add. Above the column headers, you’ll see cell-formatting examples. It’s also fast and easy to import your vendors into QuickBooks Pro, the QuickBooks accounting desktop application.

Changes made to this form affect the other forms, so you don’t have to set them all up individually. We can now take a look at another list type that QuickBooks Online offers by clicking the All Lists breadcrumb link at the top of the page. The next list we’ll look at is Product Categories. To the right of the search bar are icons for printing and changing the settings of the list.


From the Action column you can either edit or delete the category. Odds are you’ll never write a check to a Corporate Credit Card merchant, so those merchants don’t necessarily belong on yourVendorlist. For example, when your team spends money at Burger King on a corporate card, you’re going to want to record the expense, but you’ll never pay Burger King directly. To reduce clutter and increase accounting clarity, we suggest exporting merchant names directly to QuickBooks’Other Nameslist instead. Pearson automatically collects log data to help ensure the delivery, availability and security of this site.

You can easily add, edit, or inactive employees in QuickBooks Online without subscribing to payroll by following these steps. Enterprise allows for up to 30 customer/vendor/employee fields with a maximum of 12 per list. Time/Enter Single Activity Window or Advanced Find window. This will help you re-sort the individual customer, vendor, and employee list.

Distribution is an S Corporation payout, and anyone, even the shareholders, that work for the business are required to first be paid through payroll. If there is Distribution declared, from Equity, that has to be pro rata to shares owned, and to all shareholders, and not as frequently or in lieu of payroll. One advantage Other Names has over the other three name types is that Other Names can have the type changed, but only once. In other words, you can change an Other Name to a Customer, or change an Other Name to a Vendor, or change an Other Name to an Employee.

For example, if the companies you do business with aren’t imaginative, your names could end up as Wine001, Wine002, and Wine003. But if the companies are Zinfandels To Go, Merlot Mania, and Cabernet Cabinet, this system works nicely. Click the «Address Info» tab and select «Additional Info.» Provide all of the required information and include optional default expense accounts in the Account Prefill tab.


Return to the Vendor Center anytime you need to update a vendor’s information. When you are ready to purchase materials or services for your business, you need to create a vendor. You’ll see the Import a file Select Browse to find the Item Listing spreadsheet you saved earlier when you exported from the original company file.

If you don’t see the specific term you need, select Add New to add more payment terms to the list. In the Account No. field, enter the account number your vendor has assigned to you, if applicable. This account number can optionally be printed on the memo line of a vendor bill payment check. Use the Vendor Center to access many of the common vendor transactions and reports you learn about in this chapter and in Chapter 8, “Managing Vendors,” p. 265. Name and choose where to save the error log and select Save again.

In this article we took a closer look at lists in QuickBooks Online. We have seen that there are lists for all different kinds of things. The lists allow us to easily find and edit what we are looking for. Now when you look at the tags list, you will see your new tag group.

KCoe Isom changes name to Pinion – Accounting Today

KCoe Isom changes name to Pinion.

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In QuickBooks Online, the equivalent to a job (a “sub-customer”) can have terms, so you can edit the terms later to make them different from those of the parent customer. Tax Support is not exported to TurboTax or any other tax preparation software. When your Accountant accesses your QuickBooks file, there is a Book to Tax feature, which integrates only with Intuit Tax Online software. QuickBooks Online also doesn’t support tax line mapping in the Chart of Accounts.

QuickBooks is unable to open your chosen business file. The Quickbooks Names list stores the lists of Names in Quickbooks such as Customers, Vendors, Items, Employees, and Other names. The List limits for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows are a total of 14,500 with individual limits for each list at 10,500. More details about the settings related to managing list import are available in this article. Importing with SaasAnt Transaction is a breeze with our simplified and powerful Import wizard.

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