Rosalina is very nice to Jeffy and you will shows to love and you can really value your

Rosalina is very nice to Jeffy and you will shows to love and you can really value your

Since 2021. Rosalina usually assumes you to definitely Mario could have been cheating on her behalf having almost every other girl just in case he or she is gone for some time or doesn’t address the lady phone calls. She actually both factors Mario’s worry and you can anger of the joining in the towards Jeffy’s crappy conclusion. Rosalina also blames es, despite Jeffy is the one harming him. Rosalina also both likes to cheat to the ple she cheated for the Mario which have Tyreese, Shrek, Extremely D (when they split) while some and you can states you to definitely Mario had been jealous. Rosalina often dislikes how Mario is really reluctant to protect the lady off harm as well as really wants to hop out him when he will not rating exactly what she and/or Jeffy desires, and it is intended she would divorce your within get rid of off a cap or even to have Jeffy.


She does not seem to have a serious problem with Jeffy’s insufficient cleverness in fact it is prepared to waste time that have him. Rosalina is the better named an effective «pushover moms and dad», in that she thoughtlessly defends everything Jeffy do, though the guy misbehaves, and you can names any kind regarding abuse for the Mario’s part become son punishment. She is a bad effect on Jeffy.

The only real day Rosalina gets frustrated with Jeffy was a student in Jeffy Will get Toilet Taught! whenever she pressed him for eating his peas, however, Jeffy recommended marshmallows rather. She in addition to often will get annoyed during the him from inside the previous video clips. And also in Jeffy’s very first visual appearance (Mario the newest Baby sitter!) she don’t such Jeffy and you may was even a little frightened regarding him.

By 2021. Rosalina is only hardly frustrated with Jeffy. She even wants to join in towards the Jeffy’s abusive behavior on Mario while some.

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